Best Short Hairstyles For this Summer

10 Top Haircut Styles for 2021

The New Bob

Choppy bob is just as fresh as a blunt one because the perfect bob cut is just timeless. We’ve seen it from time to time on repeat and there’s a reason for it. Even though isn’t an easy decision to make, it will give you a really cool look that frames the face.

’70s Bangs

Instead of going full-on bang, you can always go for a more curtain bang that sweeps to both sides — the result? A 70s vibe perfect to switch up your look without the need for a full makeover.

The New Pixie

The pixie is forever a classic thanks to their endless variations — either super short or just a bit longer than normal. There’s no in-between — You’ll feel very modern and fresh, plus it’s low maintenance and you don’t have to spend a ton of time blow-drying your hair. Say hello to ‘wash and go’!

Buzz cut

If you are looking, a way to have a cool-looking hairstyle without having to worry about literally any maintenance this is for you. Many celebrities decided to jump on this trend experimenting with different colors and patterns. Are you willing to try it too?

Modern Shag

A haircut of feminine with softness and versatile approach. Try a shag with or without a strong fringe that is cut away into long or short hair. The best part? Works from curly hair to mid-length, and even shorter.

Rounded ‘Fro

Natural curls and coils are coming strong and the rounded ‘fro is getting sooo popular in the past few months… Trim your hair to shape the natural curls into the roundest form possible.

The Rachel

Jennifer’s Aniston hairstyle on Friends is a timeless haircut — hi layers — It’s been back and strong in 2020 and will continue doing so in 2021, why? it gives a lot of movement to a haircut, creating an easy yet fabulous look.

Short Bob

Bob hair it’s been on the top hair trend for a while but it’s getting shorter and shorter each year and we are not mad at it — no matter how short your bob will be, it’s such a chic and easy look — plus there’s always room for some waves!

Modern Mullet

If you are looking for a punk rock vibe this is a great look to consider especially if you have straight and fine natural texture, which is great for this kind of cut, the only thing you’ll need to do is blow-dry the hair back and forth, that’s all!

Wavy Lob

If you are still not sure to go for a choppy bob having a wavy lob is basically the longer version of the classic bob — The length sits just above your shoulders — It’s going to be so popular in 2021 and we are pretty sure that will continue for the upcoming years as it is a striking look, the best part, is that you don’t have to commit to having short or long hair.



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