Lee Denim On Its Best Sustainable Journey So Far

4 min readDec 28, 2020


Put merely, Jeans are amazing. At Lee they are obsessed with denim and all the different variations of it we can create, it really is a beautiful and unique fabric and we can’t get enough of it!

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Spring 20 was Lee Jeans’ most sustainable range to date as they continue to practice improved and ethical production such as water recycling and reduced carbon emissions to minimise their impact on the environment. Thanks to a mix of recycled cotton, up-cycled denim, BCI, and their revered Eco Air Denim, the collection can be worn knowing you’re making a difference. Taking care of your denim also compliments sustainable intention.

The nineties’ effortless and unapologetic style has made its comeback bigger and louder than ever in not only the fashion world but in all of current pop culture from beats, music video clips, and movies alike. Think the Mid 90s meets White Men Can’t Jump in Lee Jeans latest Spring 20 collection, with silhouettes and prints that will make you wish you still had a flip phone and a Walkman.

The collection is made up of all the revived decade’s favorite trends including vintage denim silhouettes like their relaxed High Baggy jean, heritage utility workwear with a modern edge, and unisex dressing courtesy of their unique range of party shirts and nostalgic graphic print
tees. Lee’s new range of classic pieces is made to last through the decades as wardrobe staples, worn paired, layered, or on their own.

This summer Lee has introduced Salad Days, which kicks off a summer inspired by days gone by. What’s old is new again and their new collection is ready to be worn for years to come.


How to keep your favorite denim always on point

The CF team has asked Lee head designer James Williamson his tips and tricks to take care of our favorite denim pieces.

There can be lots of different theories of how to care for your Jeans, many of which are not necessary!

The main thing to remember is that the colour of denim is achieved through an indigo dye process, and is designed to fade over time as you wash & wear it. This is natural and is supposed to happen. We at Lee like to think it’s making each pair you own uniquely faded to you.

There are some very easy quick tips you can apply to look after your Jeans, it’s not as complicated as some might think!

The biggest tip for washing your jeans?

Less is more Wash them as infrequently as you can, denim is durable and generally doesn’t need washing often, and when you do? Just turn them inside out, 30–40 degrees gentle cycle. Simple!

Biggest tip for when trying jeans on?

When pulling them up, use the waistband — it helps evenly distribute the tension on your jeans. Avoid using the belt loops to pull up with — this is not what they are designed for

Biggest tip on Storage?

Keep out of direct sunlight if you can. Like James said above, Jeans are designed to fade over time — sunlight will accelerate that, just not necessarily how you’d want them to be!

And finally — the biggest myth?

The Freezer myth! Honestly, don’t bother — all that will do is freeze the bacteria on your jeans and make them dormant… then as soon as they warm up again they’re back, never gone. Pointless. Plus it takes up space that could be better used for Ice Cream — double win!

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