Oregano Oil: The Newest Beauty Ingredient to Know About

Why is Oregano Oil good for your skin?

Oregano oil is an essential oil made from the oregano plant that is purported to have healing properties. Research shows oregano oil has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. When diluted and used topically, oregano oil may help treat fungal and bacterial infections. It can also be applied to the skin for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and varicose veins.

How to Use Oregano Oil For Acne?

Oregano oil was first discovered in Greece, where it was used topically as an anti-bacterial agent for wounds.

5 Of The Best Oregano Oil Products

Kat Burki, KB5 Calming Gel Cleanser

This gentle gel produces a foaming lather, dissolving makeup, and dirt in an instant while leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. You can use it in the morning or at night as your first cleanse. Gently massage it onto the face and neck for 60 seconds and rinse it with water or a warm washcloth.

Tribe Skincare, Clean Me! Balm Cleanser

This gentle balm will melt away any makeup, dirt, and oil residues from your face to reveal fresh and clean skin. The Clean Me! product is safe to use on the eye area for the removal of non-waterproof eye makeup.

Alpha-H, Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel

This rapid spot treatment for active blemishes contains 2% Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide that work together to decongest pores. The antibacterial properties of Eucalyptus and Oregano, address bacteria causing the breakout while also working to alleviate angry, swollen skin. Can be used day and/or night for best results.

Tribe Skincare, Hydrate Me! Night Moisturiser

This mid-weight soothing facial moisturiser contains nourishing Rosehip Oil and Hyaluronic Acid to lock the moisture into your skin and calm redness. And Green Tea and Oregano Oil to soothe acne-sensitive-skin.

INNBEAUTY PROJECT, Pimple Paste Overnight Drying Paste

A fast-acting, blemish drying paste that uses clinically proven, natural ingredients. This treatment is formulated with willow bark to help exfoliate skin and unclog pores, sulfur to absorb excess oil and help balance skin.



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