Top Five Dietary Resolutions That Will Make You Happier And Healthier In 2021

Geraldine Georgeou Top Five Dietary Resolutions Tips For 2021

1. Your Beauty Routine Should Start With Your Diet

We often see people heading straight to the supplement or health powders section for the promise of glowing skin. We see people spending great amounts on these products, sometimes without even realising what they contain.

2. It’s Time To Take Better Care Of Your Gut

One of the best ways to accomplish your dietary resolutions this year and to look best on the outside is to make sure you’re looking after your inside. Gut health plays a major role in the way you look and feel. Your gut impacts the way your body absorbs and retains nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants — all needed to keep your skin looking healthy and your mood balanced.

3. Time Your Day For Good Health

Believe it or not, the times at which you eat throughout the day can play a role in the way you feel. Start by getting up a little bit earlier and eating a balanced breakfast first thing, to provide your body with energy to start the day. If you take vitamins, have these with your breakfast to better absorb and support you throughout the day, this one should be a must to add to your dietary resolutions this year.

4. Consider Your Coffee Order

Speaking of coffee, you might want to consider your next cup in order to improve your outer glow. Coffees such as mochas or even a dirty chai can have hidden sugar content, and depending on what milk is used, could have extra fat. These added sugars can spike your insulin levels, leading to skin breakouts.

5. Don’t Skip Gluten And Dairy If You Don’t Have To

Although dairy can be a cause of acne in some people, cutting dairy and gluten out of your diet may mean you’re missing out on important nutrients for growth, development, and bowel health. If you do have an intolerance or think these products could be the cause of your skin issues, Geraldine recommends better seeing an Accredited Practising Dietitian to help determine what dietary resolutions you can implement to support your diet, skin, and health.



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